Mam & Pamm

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MAM Account

Multi Account Manager (MAM) is an innovative function suitable for money managers and investors. With this integrated software tool, money managers can quickly and accurately execute block orders with one click under a master account arrangement and conveniently automate trade allocations to multi accounts using their strategy and management.

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Benefits of using MAM with regenesis Markets:

  • Manage multiple master accounts with different strategies

  • Unlimited customer accounts

  • Supported Expert Advisor (EA) trading

  • Monitor commissions and performance in real time

  • Full feature trading: one-click order execution and closing of all positions

  • Maintain full control

PAM Account

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is an alternative system for money managers and investors to trade. With this integrated software tool, investors can decide their allocation of funds in their desired proportion to each money managers. The profit and loss are distributed amongst managed portfolios according to the ratio.

Benefits of using PMM with regenesis Markets:

  • Publicly available ratings to decide the allocation of funds

  • Diversify the investments amongst several PAMM managers

  • Monitor commissions and performance in real time

  • Fraud protection from automatic funds distribution